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Tofig Husein-zadeh is a high psychographics researcher, counselor on brand strategy at Brand Affairs, business writer, international speaker, translator,  luxury brand manager, poet, founder of The Intelligentsia and co-author of The Guiding Purpose Strategy.

A descendant of Old Baku's nobles and intelligentsia, he was born in 1989 in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 2007, he moved to the US to study in the Penn State University’s College of Communications. PSU, a university famous for its research, was the right place at the right time for him because during those years the media was exploding. The new media was becoming bigger than the mainstream media. New global movements as WikiLeaks and Occupy Wall Street were triggered by the new media for the first time. Entire media systems around the globe began going through fundamental changes. In PSU he studied the mass and the niche media, marketing and advertising, the global media systems, media effects on behavior of individuals and of society in general. In the Fall semester of 2008 he was in the Dean’s List with a 4.0 GPA. On parallel as a second (minor) degree he also studied Russian Linguistics and Culture. During his student years he founded the Brand Management & Strategies Club which consisted of few dozens of PSU students from various majors. The members of the club gathered to discuss growth models for new brands and new ways of creating brands in the 21st century world media order.


After graduation in 2011 he moved to Miami. Being trained in media and marketing research techniques using sociological, psychological and anthropological angles he was ready to begin conducting extensive psychographics research for brand management and content development purposes. This R&D period in his life led to the creation of the first archive of psychographic ads: . It later began functioning also as an agency that helped him build a portfolio of clients from various industries and countries. The research methodology that he applied was always interdisciplinary including such areas as: structural anthropology, systems thinking, semiotics, neuroscience, behavioural economics, philosophy and several others.


In 2012, he moved back to Istanbul. He began focusing exclusively on the luxury business models and published his first business article on luxury brand management in Campaign magazine web. His second article named ‘A Luxury Product Placement Story’ was published by The Brand Age magazine. He worked with companies from the media, marketing, fashion and finance industries delivering brand management services. In all of these companies Tofig Husein-zadeh worked directly with the board of directors or the C-Suite to grow their brands.


In 2013 he began regularly publishing articles on luxury brand management strategies and high psychographics in the Turkish branch of Harvard Business Review. Here, he wrote 20 articles on this matter. In the same year he composed the welcome speech which was delivered by the founder of InvestAZ addressing His Highness Ottaviano de’Medici when he visited the headquarters in Istanbul.


During his service in The European Azerbaijan Society in London he helped gather data for the conference speech of Lord Risby. London, being one of the capitals of the luxury business, plays an important role for his professional and academic works. He was one of the Honorary Judges in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards both in 2014 and in 2015. He continues working with business leaders, meeting remarkable individuals and learning from the members of the world intelligentsia on his journey. Currently he is working on two creative projects with two famous business leaders. More detailed information about these projects will be announced in the press soon.


In 2014, Tofig Husein-zadeh coined the term High Psychographics in order to build on, update and extend the field of psychographics which was born during the post-WWII period. The term had to be added to the vocabulary of market and consumer reasearch to be able to avoid using marketing and luxury marketing interchangeably as it was previously done in the field.


He has delivered speeches on luxury internationally both for the corporate and academic organizations as Spaces (Zurich), Rotary Club (Istanbul), University of Westminster (London) and others. He is currently a member of the International Association of the Medici. Tofig Husein-zadeh was awarded several certificates from the fields of Luxury Marketing; Neuroscience, Sociology and Linguistics. He speaks and conducts multilingual research in four languages which are: Azerbaijani, English, Russian and Turkish. In 2016, he founded the biannual print magazine The Intelligentsia that is the first magazine dedicated to the global class of enlightened leaders from the worlds of business, academia and high culture. In 2017 he published a book called The Guiding Purpose Strategy that he wrote together with Aston Martin's former Global Marketing Director Markus Kramer.

Tofig Husein-zadeh

with Sir Eric Peacock

Tofig Husein-zadeh with

HSH Prince Ottaviano de'Medici

Tofig Husein-zadeh (right) with Dr. Clotaire Rapaille (left)

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